Frequency mode in Funnel

How many times do users perform a step before they convert to the next?

Frequency Mode

When a Funnel is executed in Frequency mode the resulting chart shows you:

  1. how many times users generated an event on a particular step of the Funnel before they converted to the next step.
  2. what percentage of users generated an event X times before they converted to the next step.


  • You can see the frequency for only one step at a time in the resulting chart.
  • There is no frequency computed for the last step of the Funnel, since there is no next step.
  • Time Unit can only be set to All Time to keep the resulting chart comprehensible.
  • Since Frequency can only be computed for consecutive steps Frequency mode is not available for Order: Any.
  • You cannot combine Frequency mode with Partition: None as this tends to generate so many frequencies that there is no value for analytical purposes. This mode gives the most insight when combined with short conversion windows (up to a day).