Integrate through Delta Sharing


With Databricks you can share your data with Kubit through the use of the Databricks feature - Delta Sharing.

Delta Sharing

Kubit can access your data in Databricks through Delta Sharing which is an open protocol developed by Databricks for secure data sharing with other organizations regardless of which computing platforms they use. A Databricks user, called a “data provider”, can use Delta Sharing to share data with a person or a group outside of their organization, called a “data recipient”. Data recipients can immediately begin working with the latest version of the shared data.



In order to use the Delta Share feature you must configure a Databricks Metastore and a Databricks Catalog.

Configure Delta Share

  1. Navigate to your metastore on your Databricks account and select the metastore assigned to the workspace you want to share. Enable the Delta Sharing option. You can select the desired token lifetime and Organization name. Databricks to Databricks doesn't use the token authentication method.
  1. Navigate to your workspace containing the data you want to share with Kubit. While in the "Data Science & Engineering" menu, navigate to the "Data" tab. On that tab screen navigate to the "Delta Sharing" sub-menu at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the "New recipient" button.
  1. A new form screen will open. Fill up the following information:
  • Name: kubit
  • Sharing identifier: An unique ID provided by Kubit Team.
  1. Now click on the "Share data" button. Fill up the following information:
  • Share name: kubit
  1. The newly created share will navigate to the share management screen. Click on the "Add recipient" button and add the recipient created in step 3.
  1. Now click on the "Add tables" button on the share management screen. Select the tables you would like to share with Kubit and click "Save".
  1. Please, double-check the recipient assigned to your share under the "Recipients" tab on the share management screen. Kubit recipient should be listed.
  2. Kubit team should now have access to the shared data. Thank you!

Please, refer to Databricks Delta Sharing documentation for more information.

You can also watch "Databricks Delta Sharing Demo" for a demonstration.