Integrate via Direct Connect

Create Service Account‍

Enable BigQuery API

  • Search for “BigQuery API

  • Select it and click ENABLE

Create Account

  • Click “CREATE CREDENTIALS” and choose “Service account
  • Enter “Kubit” as the name for the service account. Then click CREATE.
  • Note: "Service account email" shown on the screen (e.g. kubit-###@<GCP-PROJECT_NAME> is "Kubit Service Account Email"
  • Select the newly created Service account. Click Keys - ADD KEY - Create a new key.

  • Select JSON in the popup window. Click CREATE.

  • A JSON private key file will be downloaded to your computer. Please store the key in a secure and private location.
  • Click CLOSE.



Please share the following information with Kubit Team:

  • Your project ID.
  • Your preferences for region and zone.
  • The JSON private key you've generated following this guide. Please, share it using a secure media.