Flexible Queries with Nested Property


If you have a JSON or BigQuery Struct type (e.g. user_properties and event_params for Firebase data) field in your data model, Nested Property feature can expose the internal properties of these fields to be used in Filter, Breakdown or Function . This is especially useful to experiment with some new data captured on the fly.

Though keep in mind that using Nested Property requires some technical knowledge and analyses may not perform as quickly as when properties are exposed as first-class fields.


  • The Nested Property feature is only available to Kubit Enterprise customers.
  • Technical knowledge of the internal data structure of the JSON or Struct field.
  • For advanced users, knowledge of JSON Path for JSON field.


  • Select a Nested Field in Filter, Breakdown or Function Property.
  • Identify the property
  • For JSON field, choose from a list of top-level keys or manually type in the top-level key name or a JSON path.
  • For BigQuery Struct field, simply select a key from the list
  • Specify the data type for this property: STRING, INTEGER, FLOAT or DOUBLE.
  • For Breakdown, the data type is defaulted to STRING



JSON path has to start with $ and return one value only.

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  • For Filter: choose an Operator, then type in the Value and press Enter to accept.
  • Due the unbounded possibilities, we don't provide lookup values for nested properties.
  • The Nested Property will be presented as a string in the format of $FIELD_NAME:$KEY | $JSON PATH::$DATA_TYPE on the UI. That's the reason it is best to map these into a first-class field so others won't be confused by this presentation.