Share a Dataset with a Service Account


Google’s BigQuery allows you to share a dataset to Kubit securely through Service Account.

Share a Dataset

  1. Kubit will create the service account for you and provide you with a Kubit Service Account Email, typically in the format of <YOUR_ORG>
  2. In the BigQuery console, select a dataset from Resources, then click SHARE DATASET near the right side of the window.

  1. In the Share dataset panel, in the Dataset permissions tab, enter the previously created Kubit Service Account Email to the Add members field. Then select the role BigQuery Data Viewer, click Add, then click DONE.

  1. If you need to share multiple datasets from different GCP projects, you can just use the same Kubit Service Account Email when sharing every dataset.
  2. Finally, please also share the project id(s) with Kubit.

That's it!