Google OAuth

SSO with G-Suite


By integrating Google OAuth with Kubit’s Self-Service Analytics, every user in your organization can sign in to Kubit using their Google G-Suite credential. This Single Sign-On approach eliminates yet another set of username/password to be remembered, simplify user management, and also can improve security through G-Suite's Multi-Factor Authentication.


  • Your organization uses Google G-Suite.
  • You have Admin role in G-suite.

JIT Provision

With SAML integration, once a user is created on your end (optionally included in a Security Group which has access to Kubit), that user can login to Kubit immediately. The user profile information will also be automatically updated at every login time.

When a user is deleted/deactivated on your end, they will lose access to Kubit immediately too. There is no offline communication required.

Configure Google OAuth

Step 1

  • Go to Google API Console
  • Choose an existing project or create a new project, call it "Kubit OAuth". Make sure to select the correct target Organization and Location. ‍

Step 2

  • Switch to the newly created "Kubit OAuth" project. Click on "CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN"

Step 3

  • Select "Internal" for User Type, click CREATE

Enter the following information:
- App Information
- App name: Kubit
- User support email: select an internal email from your organization, like IT or support department.
- App Logo: please use this Kubit Logo


App Domain:


You don' t need to config any scopes. Just click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"


Step 4

Go to Credentials, click on "CREATE CREDENTIALS", select "OAuth client ID"

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  • Click CREATE. Copy "Your Client ID" and "Your Client Secret", then send them to Kubit team through a communicated secure channel (Slack, Google Hangout or Discord).

Test Integration

  1. Only after Kubit inform you that the configuration is completed on their part, go to
  2. At the login screen, start typing in your company email address.



The password field will disappear once the full email is entered.

  1. Click on "LOG IN" and use your company G-Suite credential to login.