Anomaly Alerts

Proactively receive alerts when anomalies are detected

Using our Anomaly Detection feature Kubit allows you to proactively see when data is spiking or dipping outside of expected behavior.

If you want to receive an email when an anomaly is detected you can follow these steps:

  • Create a Schedule to distribute a Dashboard snapshot over email as described
  • Select Create New Schedule from the Dashboard's Context menu.
  • Configure Name, Description, Recipient(s) and Recurrence.
  • When you are configuring this Schedule be sure to enable the "Alert Only" toggle to only receive this email when an anomaly is detected on any of the charts inside the dashboard.
  • Create and you've just set your first Anomaly Alert Dashboard!

Limit of 5 Scheduled Dashboards, if you need more please reach out to [email protected]



This alert will fire whenever any anomaly is detected in the dashboard on any metric in the chart. If you are using a Breakdown in the chart the anomaly will be detected within that Breakdown group.