R265 - 2022-09-21

Retention: when you hover on top of cells in Retention chart the date (range) is displayed so you know exactly which Day/Week/Month the results are about.

R263 - 2022-09-08

  • Added Fold Event feature to Path
  • Funnel analysis Time Unit default is now set to All Time
  • Introduced progress indicator for all types of analysis
  • Changed Breakdown behaviour when 2 fields are specified

R262 - 2022-08-31

  • Added Expand Event feature to Path
  • Extended the maximum supported date range for Dashboard analyses

R261 - 2022-08-25

  • Added Extension Window for date kind Event in Funnel.
  • Added ability to Merge multiple events and show them as one in Path.

R260 - 2022-08-17

Group By and Attribution modes are now available in Path and Funnel. Also added the ability to apply Cohort sampling rate in order to improve query performance in Cohort related analyses.


R258 - 2022-08-03

Conversion Window partition option added to Path and Funnel. When used it enforces all Funnel or Path steps to have happened within the specified time window. Supported time units are: Seconds/Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months/Years.


R257 - 2022-07-27

Improvement: Support for up to 5 Event Group (previous maximum was 1) in Path and Retention which effectively raises the limit on the number of Starting/Ending Event(s) from 5 to 25.


R256 - 2022-07-21

Added ability to end a sequential Funnel with an exclusion and a new Retention mode - Unbounded. Also added the ability to calculate retention based on 24 Hour Windows as opposed to Calendar dates.


R255 - 2022-07-14

Added ability to calculate Rolling Retention in addition to Normal (default) and to switch between Retention and Churn. Also enabled Bar chart and Y-axis controls in Retention.


R254 - 2022-07-07

Introducing ability to Create Funnels compare conversion rate between multiple breakdown groups for 2-step Funnels and Timezone usability tooltips.