R290 - 2023-03-16

  • Added an option for case-insensitive matching to String operators in Filters
  • Improvements to Breakdown
  • Can now add Event = Any on the last step of a Funnel

R289 - 2023-03-09

  • Made comparison operators available for all String Fields in Filter
  • Now allowing unlimited number of Events in each Event Group
  • Editing Named Filters is made easier
  • Ability to override Cohort Subject was removed

R288 - 2023-03-03

  • Add an unlimited number of Filters to each Filter Group
  • New Cohort Subject option: Event for Funnel based Cohorts
  • Notice: Sunsetting KPI feature this month

R287 - 2023-02-23

  • New Time Unit - 4 weeks
  • Time Unit selection is now done via dropdown

R286 - 2023-02-16

  • Bounce rate and Relative rate in Funnel
  • Ability to save and re-use Named Filters
  • Open Show in Formula in a new tab

R282 - 2023-01-20

  • Time to Convert Mode in Funnel
  • Ability to Export to PDF in Dashboard
  • Ability to change Dashboard date range from one place

R280 - 2023-01-05

  • Improved display of labels on the X axis for all charts

R277 - 2022-12-16

Introduced Funnel Mode option which has two available values - Conversion and Frequency.


R276 - 2022-12-09

  • Added the ability to include Overall result group for Retention analyses with a Breakdown.
  • Made renaming charts easier
  • Added the ability to filter values in Breakdown Group dropdown

R275 - 2022-12-02

  • Changes to Alias in Funnel - you can now rename Steps and Breakdown Groups without the need to re-execute the Funnel.
  • Added the ability to include Overall result group for Funnels with a Breakdown.