R270 - 2022-10-28

  • Changes to Alias in Query - you can now rename Measures and Breakdown groups without the need to re-execute the Query.
  • Visual changes to Overall in Query.
  • Query with Breakdown now defaults to Bar Chart upon execution (previously defaulted to Line Chart).
  • Sorting of Query results when Time Unit is set to All Time is only available through Expand.
  • Dropped Live Mode toggle from Dashboard context menu.

Changes to Alias in Query

Until this release Aliases could be assigned only as part of the Query input. We've noticed that for a lot of people it is more natural to define the analysis and then give names to Measure s and Breakdown groups after they've seen the query results. Thus, we made the changes to allow this aliasing without the need to re-execute the query. It looks like this:

  • Alias rename is available on hover and hold for active Measures and Groups. If you have disabled a Measure or a Group rename popup will not appear on hover, regardless of how much time you spend holding your cursor on top of it.
  • If you are working on a Query and are executing it multiple times the Aliases are preserved between Query executions.
  • The Reset button on the top right of the Query screen also resets all Aliases.
  • You don't need to save the chart settings to save the Aliases, they are saved automatically.
  • You can reset a single Alias by hovering and holding over an active Measure or Group, clicking Rename and then using the Reset button as shown below.

Also, the default Alias for a group consisting only null and empty values for the specified Breakdown Field was N/A. Now we've split that into two default Aliases:

  1. Null values are still displayed as N/A
  2. Empty values are displayed as <Empty>

Changes to Overall in Query

Whenever a Breakdown is specified in Query you can also use to Overall toggle to display the cumulative count for all breakdown groups as a separate group. What has changed is that:

  1. Now the Overall group is enabled by default (previously disabled by default) whenever Overall toggle is on.
  2. The Overall group is displayed among the other Breakdown groups (previously displayed in place of the Measure selector).
  3. The Measure name is now also displayed on hover.

Check out the screenshots below to get a better sense of what's change, this is how Query results with Overall enabled looks since this release:


And this is how it was prior to this release:


Sorting for All Time only available through Expand

Sorting button for Queries using the All Time Time Unit is now only available through right-click + Expand as shown below:


Previously the button was available even without going into the Expanded view. You can still save the chart settings to display the Expanded and Sorted chart on a Dashboard.


Expand for Multiple Measures

Expand is only available when only one Measure is selected. You can still use it in Compound Measure Queries but only when one Measure is selected as in the example below.



Breakdown groups

Please, note that since Overall is now a Breakdown group any pre-existing analyses that had 8 groups shown on the chart will now display Overall + the top 7. In case you don't need the Overall group you can use the dropdown and choose the top one from the list to get your chart to its previous state as shown below.


Dropped Live Mode toggle from Dashboard context menu

The Live Mode toggle which made the Dashboard refresh every time it was opened and included partial data from the current day has been removed. The reason is that for the majority of Dashboards the auto-refresh was taking more than 1 minute, resulting in a suboptimal user experience.

You can still create Dashboard Schedules to refresh your Dashboards automatically or refresh them manually as shown below: