R310 - 2023-08-04

  • New Date Range widget
  • Permanent Dashboard links

New Date Range widget

The new Date Range widget aims to provide much more flexibility and convenience:

On the top left you can see the timezone and control the Time Unit. On the top right you can find a couple of shortcuts - Today or Yesterday - which set both the start and end date to the last day with available data or the previous day. Then, there's multiple ways to adjust the start and end date:

  • just type a date in the Start/End inputs
  • select start/end dates from the calendar
  • use convenience shortcuts
    • the ones on the left - Past/Last Full/Start Of - are calculated based on the selected end date
    • the ones on the right - Next/End Of are calculated based on the selected start date

In the following example the start and end date is set to 08/03 and then we go to Last Full on the left and select Quarter which automatically changes the date range from the start of April to the end of June:

Permanent Dashboard links

There's 2 ways to obtain a link to a Dashboard:

  1. Copy the URL from your browser - always redirects you to the latest state of said Dashboard. Such a link would look like this - https://your.kubit.ai/dash/11638
  2. Copy Dashboard Link from the Context Menu - a link to the current point in time view of a Dashboard (e.g. with additional Filters applied). Such a link would look like this - https://your.kubit.ai/dash/11638/490060