R303 - 2023-06-15

  • Added support for Cohort Filters on Measures in Query
  • Can now Edit and Pause Schedules

Added support for Cohort Filters on Measures

There are some rare cases when it's useful to Filter by Cohort over a whole Measure - to get a ratio, for example. To enable this we've added the ability to create a Cohort Filter for each Measure in Query:

To get a sense of when this is useful, let's consider the example below. In that case we're dividing the number of Stream Completed events generated by our L28 retained users who returned more than 5 times by the overall number of Stream Completed Events. This allows us to see very specific metrics and even take it further from there, e.g. by breaking down by Country to see how the ratio varies based on geography:

Can now Edit and Pause Schedules

Want to change the name of a Schedule? Or add more recipients? Perhaps, change the recurrence? You can now do all that from the Context Menu of each Schedule:

In some cases you might also want to put the Schedule on Pause for a while. This will temporarily disable the Schedule without deleting it. The option is available through the same menu: