R267 - 2022-10-06

  • Added retained between operator to Cohort builder
  • Added Field operand in Filter

Retained between operator in Cohort builder

You can now be even more specific when creating Cohorts based on Retention analysis by leveraging the retained between operator. It allows you to only select the group of users who were retained between the start and end day/week/month, depending on the retention time unit. For example, if we created the following cohort:


It would consist of the users who returned between Days 2 and 4 from each starting day cohort:


Of course, this new operator is also available when building cohorts inline, for example in Query:



This operator is not available for Retention analyses that use Custom Time Bracket.

Field operand in Filter

So far Filter provided the ability to filter analysis results by Value, for example Country = US, Install Days > 2. With this change you can now compare two Fields in a Filter with the intention to help express conditions such as:

  • Cancel Date > Event Date - only select users who haven't cancelled their subscription yet
  • LTV > Acquisition Cost - select only users whose lifetime value is bigger than the acquisition cost
  • Install Date = Event Date - only get results for users who installed the app on the same day

Here's an example:


You can switch between Value and Field in Filter by clicking the V or F icon on the right of the Filter box.



Kubit allows you to compare any Field to any Field with any operator, regardless of data type. You need to ensure you are using Fields of the same data type. For example, if you try to compare a String with a Date there will be no results as the Filter will not match anything.