R266 - 2022-09-28

  • Funnel analysis now defaults to Time Unit = All Time
  • Started displaying the Subject count alongside the conversion % on top of each bar in Funnel chart. Previously only % was there.
  • Changed the way results are ranked for analyses with Breakdown

Funnel improvements

Most people only want to see the conversion rates for the whole time period, so defaulting to Time Unit = All Time made mode sense than the previous default which was Time Unit = Daily. For convenience, we also started showing shortened Subject counts not only on hover, but also on top of each bar in the chart.


Ranking of analyses with Breakdown

Ranking time series data poses a few questions when grouping results by category:

  • how to choose these top groups so they are meaningful, deterministic and meeting expectations?
  • what if there are two breakdowns?
  • how do you order groups for time series - by first/last day or group total for the period?

The selection and ordering of results is based on:

  1. group (groups are the values of the specified Breakdown field)
  2. time unit (Day/Week/Month/Year)
  3. measure (Function over events and applied filters)
  4. rank based on the measure

Results are ranked and ordered as follows:

  • Aggregation Strategy: Kubit aggregates the measures over time for ranking purposes by using the sum of the measures for each time unit over the time range. It covers outlier cases well even though may not be accurate for certain measures. If you imagine a bar chart, the top groups are the ones which have the most total bar area in the chart.
  • Order: Descending



To get the new ranking for an existing analysis you just need to open it and hit the Execute button again.