R263 - 2022-09-08

  • Added Fold Event feature to Path
  • Funnel analysis Time Unit default is now set to All Time
  • Introduced progress indicator for all types of analysis
  • Changed Breakdown behaviour when 2 fields are specified

Fold Events in Path

Sometimes when you are exploring user journeys with Path there are multiple consecutive steps where the same event appears over and over (e.g. Page View, Screen, Click). Now you can get rid of successive duplicate steps along the path by folding them into one step.


New Funnel Time Unit default

Previously the Funnel Time Unit defaulted to Day which would display the Funnel conversion rates for every day of the time period. Now it is set to All Time which produces one result for the whole time period.


Progress indicator for all types of analysis

To help you understand when your current analysis is going to complete we have added a progress indicator. The indicator is an estimate based on historical execution times.


Changed Breakdown behaviour when 2 fields are specified

When two fields are specified for breakdown (e.g. Country and Age Group), we used to return the Top N groups of the combination of the two fields. We heard your feedback that it would be more helpful, using the example above, to find the top countries first and then for each of the top countries find the top events and this is how 2 field Breakdowns are going to behave since this release.