R261 - 2022-08-25

  • Added Extension Window for date kind Event in Funnel.
  • Added ability to Merge multiple events and show them as one in Path.

Extension Window now available for date kind Event in Funnel

Partition = None is used when analyzing longer-term customer behavioural patterns. For example, any Subscription business would be interested in conversions from Trial to Subscription to Renewal. This is where Extension Window comes in, as without it the conversion rates towards the end of the specified Funnel time range will become lower and lower due to the decreasing time window in which all the Funnel steps have to have happened and this could be misleading.

By setting Partition = None and adding an Extension Window you tell Funnel to group results by the date of the starting step event occurrences and look for the rest of the steps' events until the end of the time range + the Extension Window.


Display multiple events in Path as one

In case you have multiple events that mean the same thing you can now use Merge Events button to collapse them all into one event group and display it as a single event on the chart.

After setting Starting Event(s) and Ending Event(s) click on the Merge Events button below the Breakdown field and specify which events you want to merge into a group. You can:

  • create up to 3 merged events
  • specify up to 5 event groups with 5 events in each for each "Merged Event"